About the Health Center

Mission:  Student health services is committed to the delivery of high quality, patient centered services and innovative programs that support the student’s academic success and promote individual, campus and community health and wellness.

Purpose: The University Health Center is committed to providing quality and comprehensive care to each patient delivered in a compassionate manner. Here at the University Health Center, we recognize the many dimensions of health tailor each care plan specifically to the patient's needs. 

Core Values:

Student-centered- We are committed to recognize the collaborative life experiences and wellness needs of our students.

Inclusive- We work to create an environment of well-being and belonging of all students, acknowledging the diversity, uniqueness, and background of each individual.

Education & teaching- We strive to create an educational environment by educating and teaching our college community to advance their health, knowledge, and well-being.

Teamwork- We include the patient's in their care plan and coordinate with other departments on campus to create a holistic wellness approach to the health of each student. 

Respect- We respect the decisions and confidentiality of each patient that walks in the clinic's doors.