Services and Fees

1. Minor Illnesses and Injuries.

Minor illnesses and injuries are evaluated and treated. Serious illnesses and injuries may be referred to a specialist in the area or medical facility if indicated.

2. Physical Exams.

School, employment, or routine physicals are offered during normal operating hours. Lab, TB screening, titers, and updated immunizations required to complete physical requirements are done at the UHC for a fee prior to the physical exam.

3. Women's Health (fee based services).

Evaluation and treatment of female related problems through pelvic examination or breast examination, etc. Annual well woman examination (includes routine breast exam). If you need a Depo Shot, YOU must provide the medicine and we will administer the shot for a $5.00 injection fee. STD testing is on Wednesdays only IF you have symptoms.  Basic STD testing can be done any day without symptoms.

4. Immunizations.

Tetanus (Td), Tetanus with Pertussis (Tdap), Hepatitis B Vaccine (HBV), FLU (Influenza), and Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) are offered for a fee.

5. Injections.

UHC will administer B-12 or depo-provera injections for a fee.  If you need a B-12 or Depo Shot, YOU must provide the medicine and we will administer the shot for a $5.00 injection fee.

6. Prescriptions.

Medication prescribed by a UHC practitioner may be filled at any pharmacy. Charges are determined by pharmacy.

7. Other Services Provided:

TB (tuberculosis) screening, rapid strep tests, mono test, Ear Wax Removal/Ear Irrigation, glucose readings, urinalysis, UPT,  nebulizer treatments, labs through outside agency,  routine blood pressure checks, medical referrals, and abscess/cyst drainage.

8. Services Not Offered:

Allergy shots, drug testing, dental care, obstetrical care, care of chronic illnesses, major injuries or major surgical procedures. Minor Surgeries and Procedures such as nail removal, wart treatment or removal, and mole removal.