Unum Dental Insurance

Take care of your oral health — and finances.

Caring for your oral health shouldn’t break the bank. Dental Insurance from Unum can
provide coverage for X-rays, exams and procedures, and it covers preventive cleanings
at no cost.

Why buy dental insurance?

There’s nothing like a healthy smile. Dental benefits help pay for preventive care
and other treatments. This coverage is an important part of a benefits plan — and
a sound investment in your overall health.

Take a bite out of routine dental fees.

Brushing and flossing is a must, but it’s not enough. Routine dental visits can keep
your teeth cleaner and healthier. Plaque and tartar contribute to inflammation and
infection of the ligaments and bones that support the teeth. This could lead to tooth
loss. Good oral hygiene including professional cleaning is the best way to prevent
these problems. Unum offers affordable dental plans that reduce out-of-pocket costs
for dental visits. Your plan may also help cover unexpected dental expenses (like
a tooth chipped in a soccer game) and treat your children’s crowded, missing and crooked

How much money can I save with Unum Dental?

Dental costs vary from region to region, but Unum Dental members everywhere benefit
in two ways:

  1. Discounted fees for in-network services
  2. Insurance coverage of up to 50%, 80% or even 100% of some services

Extra Benefits: Hearing Savings Plan

All members and covered dependents have access to the Unum Hearing Savings Plan which

  • Discounts on major name brand hearing instruments and accessories
  • 40% savings on hearing aid batteries
  • On-call support with professional hearing counselors

Have Questions?

At Unum, serving you is our specialty. When you purchase Unum Dental, you have access
to our customer service department six days a week at (888) 400-9304 or 24/7 at www.AlwaysAssist.com.


Download additional information here:

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