Vantage Health Plan - Regional HMO


 The co-payment for a primary care physician office visit is $10; specialist is $45.00.  There is also a deductible for non-copayment services of $500 per family member, with a maximum deductible of $1,500 for 2 or more family members.  Hospital co-payment is $50.00 per day with a maximum of 5 days co-payment. Effective July 1, 2011 there is an unlimited lifetime medical maximum.   See prescription drug information below for the plan. For more information regarding this plan, providers, and the prescription benefits please visit


Prescription Drugs

The Vantage Medical Home HMO prescription drug benefit for State employees has five copay/coinsurance levels, including Tier 4 Non-Preferred Brands with a $95 copay and Tier 5 Specialty Brands with a 33% coinsurance, up to $150 per drug per month. Prior authorization and quantity limits are applicable for some drugs.

For more information call 1-844-536-7104 or visit