Steps for TRSL Retirement Application

The first step to retirement is to send a Letter of Intent to retire to the President of the University and a copy to the Human Resources Office. The next step is to fill out an application for Service Retirement. It is each member's responsibility to see that the Application for Service Retirement (Form 11) and other related documents reach the TRSL office.

A member may submit an application as early as six months before the desired effective date or retirement. Processing of the application and computation of benefits cannot begin until agency certification, PIP certification, if applicable, sick leave certification(s), and annual leave certification(s), if applicable, are received from all employers. This information cannot be submitted by a member's most recent employer until after the member's last day of work.

Members should use the following checklist as a guide in gathering the documents necessary for TRSL to process their retirement applications:

  • A copy of the member's and beneficiary's Social Security cards, as issued by the Social Security Administration.
  • A copy of the member's birth certificate. If a birth certificate is not available, a church baptismal record established during the first few years of life which shows the date of birth is acceptable. If this is not available, at least two of the following documents must be submitted: Social Security Administration records verifying date of birth; passport; notarized copy of a birth entry in a family Bible; state or federal census records established near the date of birth; marriage records that state age at time of marriage and the date of the marriage; school enrollment records signed by the principle of the school or the superintendent of schools; child's birth certificate showing age of parents; military record (form DD 214); or signed statement by the physician or midwife who attended the birth.

    If the documentation submitted is not sufficient, other records may be requested.
  • A copy of the beneficiary's birth certificate or other verification of birth, as required for the member above.
  • A copy of the spouse's birth certificate or other verification of birth, as required for the member above.
  • If a member's spouse is deceased, the member should send a copy of the death certificate.
  • If divorced or legally separated, the member should send a copy of the divorce decree or judgment of separation, including any community property settlement.
  • PIP certification form completed by the employer and the Department of Education, if applicable.
  • Agency Certification (Form 11B) from most recent employer(s).
  • W-4P, Internal Revenue Service Withholding Certificate for Pension or Annuity payments.

For more information on retirement call (985)549-5655