Restricted Appointment

Employees hired on a restricted appointment are temporary employees. The appointment cannot exceed 6 months in a calendar year. The employee will be advised of the estimated length of the appointment. The Director of Civil Service or the University's Appointing Authority (Human Resource Director) may cancel a restricted appointment at any time. Employees hired on restricted appointments are not eligible to receive funeral leave, special leave (except for some types of military leave), or any holiday leave. A person serving on a restricted appointment cannot gain permanent status, and cannot earn or take leave. They are only paid for the hours they work. They may, however, be required to work overtime and shall be compensated at the appropriate overtime rate. They may also, if required, work on a holiday and be eligible to receive appropriate additional pay for that day.

Restricted Appointments can last up to six months and employees are eligible for the following benefits:
  • FICA tax withheld (6.2% OASDI), not eligible for LASERS unless they are already vested from previous employment
  • Pay Medicare tax (1.45%) if hired 4/1/86 or after
  • Not eligible for insurance
  • Not eligible for holiday pay, special leave, civil leave
  • Do not earn leave, not eligible for funeral leave
  • Can be paid overtime, do not earn compensatory leave
  • At will employee
  • Paid bi-weekly
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