Temporary Full-Time Librarians

(Less than 12 months)

Unclassified employees hired for less than 12 months are temporary employees. Temporary Librarians do not attain permanent status and may be separated by the employing agency at any time. They cannot earn or take leave and are not eligible for insurance, unless they are appointed for more than 120 days. A Temporary Unclassified Appointment may be made for a period up to but not exceeding 12 months.

The following benefits are available for Temporary Full-Time Librarians:
  • FICA tax withheld (6.2% OASDI), not eligible for TRSL/ORP, unless they are already vested from previous employment
  • Medicare tax (1.45%) withheld if hired 4/1/86 or after
  • Not eligible for health insurance unless appointment is for 120 days or more
  • Not eligible for retirement
  • Do not earn leave
  • Paid bi-weekly
For more information call (985)549-5773