Hazardous Duty Plan

Employees hired in a hazardous duty position on or after 01/01/2011 are automatically
enrolled in the LASERS Hazardous Duty Plan. Employees contribute 9.5% of their gross
salary. Effective 7/1/201, the University contributes 37.6% of the employee’s gross

Employees hired in a hazardous duty position before 01/01/2011 have the option to
join the LASERS Hazardous Duty Plan. Please note: choosing to transfer from LASERS
to LASERS Hazardous Duty Plan is an irrevocable decision. Also, employees choosing to join the plan and transfer their accrued service
credit from LASERS to the LASERS Hazardous Duty Plan may see a significant increase
in their health insurance premium at the time of retirement.

Employees in this plan have different retirement eligibility than regular rank and
file members:

*12 years at age 55,

*25 years at any age, or

*20 years at any age, with a reduced benefit

Also, for employees whose last 10 years of service credit were accrued exclusively
in a defined hazardous duty position, the accrual rate for your benefit calculation
will be 3.33% as opposed to the 2.5% for regular rank and file members.

For more information about Louisiana State Employees Retirement System (LASERS), please
visit their home page at