Antoinette Alack

Antoinette AlackAs the Student Advocacy and Accountability Assistant Director, Antoinette Alack enjoys working with students. Her office is responsible for educating Southeastern students and student organizations about their rights, responsibilities, and expectations as members of a community. The campus-wide student disciplinary system is student-centered and based on educational and developmental principles.

“We strive to uphold community standards while respecting the rights of the individual,” she explained. “Our student disciplinary process embraces the principles of fair play, compassion, empathetic understanding, objectivity, respect for human dignity, and the search for truth.”

“I love working with the collegiate population. I love the age, and they keep me young,” she added. “It is a rewarding feeling to help a student retain and achieve their goals.”

The atmosphere on campus is what first attracted Alack to work at Southeastern.

“Southeastern is family-oriented, and makes everyone feel like a part of a work family,” she said. “It is a great place to build a career.”

Located in Hammond, Alack said Southeastern is the perfect place to develop and grow as a professional.

“I am a native of the Ponchatoula/Hammond area, and it is just the right size - small enough to get to know your neighbors and business owners and large enough to meet new people and make new friends,” Alack explained. “We believe in Lion Pride and bleed green and gold here. You get what your give at Southeastern, and there is always room for growth!”