Heath & Wellness

US Health Systems

The United States boasts the greatest medical expertise and the finest clinics in
the world. If you are sick or injured during your studies in the US and you are treated
in a US hospital, you can be certain that you are receiving some of the finest care
in the world. Health care in the US is provided by private hospitals and clinics.
Most US citizens have medical insurance, which is generally provided by the individual’s
employer and extends to his or her immediate family. Some insurance plans are provided
by the federal or state governments, labor unions, or individuals. As health care
costs have mounted in recent years, employers have increasingly asked employees to
contribute. About half of all Americans with private health insurance are covered
by self-insured plans, and each of these plans has its own plan design. International
students studying in the US for more than a few months should consider a fully comprehensive
international medical insurance plan from a provider with direct experience and understanding
of the US health care system.


All non-immigrant international students in F-1 and J-1 student visa status are required
to purchase and maintain adequate medical health insurance coverage while they are
enrolled at Southeastern, and the medical health insurance policy must meet Southeastern’s
medical health insurance requirements. Therefore, these students will be automatically
charged for and enrolled in the Southeastern’s endorsed plan with AMA & Associates.
However, students may choose an alternate medical health insurance plan as long as
it meets the minimum requirements listed and an waiver request is submitted by deadline
which is no later than the first day of class each semester.

Information on insurance requirements and plan minimums can be found here.

Health Center

Southeastern’s Health Center is located on campus and offers services to students for minor illnesses and injuries,
physical exams, women’s and men’s health, immunizations, prescriptions and other services.
 For information on the health center, please visit their site.