About the Yearbook


Printing "The Memory" since 1929.


Le Souvenir is French for "The Memory." As such, our talented yearbook staff attempts to capture Southeastern's college memories in a new and refreshing way each year. 

Le Souvenir yearbook is a Fall delivery yearbook. The yearbook spans each year with coverage beginning in July and ending the following June. Yearbooks are usually delivered in the Fall semester, generally around the time of Homecoming. 

As an annual publication, Le Souvenir provides the campus community with a forum for the expression of ideas and opinions in a free and open environment, and for the exchange and dissemination of information. Le Souvenir, its associated websites and digital versions are designated public forums. Student editors have the authority to make all content decisions without censorship or advance approval. As a student-run publication, staff members also benefit from the opportunity to learn and improve writing, reporting, editing, photography, layout and graphic design skills. 

Student organizations, Greek fraternities and sororities, clubs, associations or any campus-recognized groups are encouraged to contact the staff of Le Souvenir if they desire to be included in the book. Staff members strive to include as much as they can from year to year, but self-identification by individuals or groups is the best way to ensure coverage in the book. 

Additionally, the staff attempts to provide individual students ample opportunity to have their head shot picture included each year in the book. The staff is not provided pictures by the university and students are not required to have their picture taken for inclusion in the book. Any student wishing to appear in the pages of Le Souvenir should have their picture taken by a member of the staff during the designated yearbook picture times held throughout the year. Similarly, graduating student pictures are not provided to the staff. Graduating seniors have an opportunity to have their picture taken separately from the rest of the student body during the Grad Fair event held each semester. 

For any recognized student organization wishing to submit information or request a group photo to be included in the yearbook, please fill out the form provided here.

Announcements are posted online and in The Lion's Roar newspaper when the staff organizes such photo sessions. Students may also schedule individual photo sessions with the Le Souvenir staff if they are unable to make it to the large campus-wide head shot sessions.