Hybrid Geothermal System Construction Camera

We invite you to experience in real-time the hybrid geothermal system installation
that will heat and cool our two new dorms being constructed.  This system is the first of its kind in Louisiana.  This system is projected to reduce energy costs by more than 50 percent, and will
also serve as a learning laboratory for real world experiences for Southeastern students
in various disciplines.

 Here are the directions to be able to access the cameras using a computer with a
wired ethernet connection and Internet Explorer with Webcomponents (plug in).  

  1. Open Internet Explorer web browser…   Note: Chrome, Edge, Firefox do not currently have the ability to
    readily view the cameras because of the necessary plug in that is needed.  
  2. Enter the ip address for the cameras in the address bar.   and
    select the enter button.  
  3. Log in using the following credentials:  (Admin = visitors    Password = visitors1).
  4. Now you are at the camera screen.  At the middle of the screen, you should see the
    following link; “Please click here to download and install the plug-in.  Close the
    browser when installing the plug-in.”  Click this link.  Note: If you do not show
    this link, it’s possible that the plug in has already been installed from another
  5. Now, a pop up should visible prompting you to install the Webcomponents plug in.  (Note: If it doesn’t display, two possible reasons would be that the pop
    up blocker is enabled and is blocking the add-on or that it may be already installed
    on the computer)  Click on “RUN” the Webcomponents.  Once the install is complete,
    select Finish to close the install screen.
  6. Another screen pops up stating that “The webpage wants to run the following add-on:
    ‘WebVideoActiveX’ from Observint Technologies, Inc.’.”  Run this plug-in by selecting
  7. Now you should see a four quadrant box.  This is the box that allows you to view multiple
    cameras at once.  Select the top left box in the quadrant and then to the left of
    the screen, select Camera 1.  For the top right box in the quadrant, repeat the process.