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The Southeastern landscape crew's responsibilities are integrated to include both installation and maintenance of ornamental plantings throughout the campus.

Goals of Planting Installations:

  • To create friendly corridors connecting campus locations and enhance the sense of arrival at campus destinations and entrances.

  • To apply plant knowledge combined with design strategies to select proper plant solutions for each landscape situation.

  • To adequately prepare soil quality and drainage of planting beds to meet growth requirements of plants selected.

  • To install plants according to recognized horticultural practices.

  • To install automated irrigation systems within campus landscapes to sustain existing and new plants, while minimizing initial impact to the root systems of existing trees and shrubs.


Goals of Landscape Maintenance:

  • To maintain healthy plants by monitoring pest thresholds and responsibly implementing integrated pest control measures.

  • To strategically supplement soil nutrients for active plant growth.

  • To maintain weed-free beds through mulching, chemical controls, and pulling weeds by hand.

  • To re-purpose debris from campus grounds maintenance as useful mulch for landscape beds.

  • To define and interpret landscape plantings through selective hand-pruning or shearing according to best horticultural practices.