On August 24th from 10-2 p.m. Southeastern Louisiana University’s Sustainability Center participated in the STEM Festival (an event dedicated to engaging America’s youth through hands-on learning activities). The event drew in approximately one-thousand participants, providing the opportunity to educate the community about environmental awareness.

The Sustainability Center’s Manager, Alejandro Martinez, and Graduate Assistant, Gina Howell, spoke to families with kids of all ages. Topics of discussion included the importance of renewable energy, recycling efforts, and the Sustainability Center’s latest projects.

group pic

At their booth was the center’s most recent addition: the heliodon. Students and parents were captivated by this interactive device used by architects for designing solar aware architecture. With its intriguing design and capabilities, the heliodon was truly a crowd favorite.



Also at the event was an aquaponics display, described as the growing of fish and plants together in a closed-loop system. This demonstration provided an example of the aquaponics system opening to the public within the next couple of months (fall 2019) at the Sustainability Center.

Gina Heliodon

To interact and learn more about the heliodon and the upcoming aquaponics system, as well as many other sustainable efforts, contact the Sustainability Center at or call (985)-549-3333 to schedule a visit.