Physical Plant Services

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Southeastern Physical Plant to assist in Retention and Recruiting of Students by operating and maintaining a high-quality physical environment to enhance student learning, faculty teaching and research. We serve non-academic departments, along with the University's service to the community and citizens of Southeast Louisiana.


General information regarding Physical Plant Services.



Chris Asprion

Director of the Physical Plant Services

(985) 549-3333

Mark Whitmer

Associate Director of Physical Plant Services

(985) 549-3333


Shane Purvis

Assistant Director of Physical Plant Services


Sandra Aden Lelleck

Assistant Director of Physical Plant for Business Operations

(985) 549-3333


Carlos Doolittle

Assistant Director of Physical Plant Services for Landscape and Grounds

(985) 549-3333



Sustainability and Utility Manager of Physical Plant Services

(985) 549-3333

Jennifer Barnes

Administrative Assistant


Melanie Easley

Administrative Coordinator 3 - Time Keeper

(985) 549-3406


Julie Ridgel

Accounting Technician

(985) 549-3411



Candace Lemay

Administrative Coordinator 3 - Work Control

(985) 549-3333


Angela Lobue

Administrative Coordinator 3

(985) 549-3594

Service Request

It is the policy of Southeastern Louisiana University's Physical Plant to address routine maintenance issues and to handle all work orders in a professional and timely manner.

Housing FIXX IT Request

If this is an emergency, please call the Housing FIXX IT line at 985-549-3499.


Please contact the Housing Office at 985-549-2118 for any of the problems below:

  • If the cable TV is not working.

  • If you see any mildew.

  • If you have a washer or dryer problem.

  • If you have any custodial issues.

  • If you have any pest control issues.

  • If the electronic door access is not working. Example: ID Card swipe not working.

  • If the Internet is not working, please call 985-340-8324.


Please, complete the form with your name, your Southeastern email address, your phone number, the building where the problem exist, your room number and a brief description about the problem. Please give as much information in the Problem area, so your problem can be repaired.


If you are in Greek Village, please type in the building name and letter.

Example: Building: Greek Village Building A


If you are in Southeastern Oaks, please type the building number and room letter.

Example: Building: Southeastern Oaks Building 1



If you are in any other dorm that has multiple bedrooms, please type the room number and

letter of your room.

Example: Building:Pride Hall



 If the FIXX IT Request form is not completed correctly, it will be emailed back requesting more information.

Key Request


Key Policy
Contractor and Volunteer Set Up Form (Note: Key Issuance Form Must Also Be Completed)
Employee Key Log In
Admin Key Log In


Personnel Keys

Please print form and fill out information, and have the appropriate personnel signature sending to the Physical Plant.

Personnel Key Button  

Contractor Keys

If a department is requesting keys for a Contractor, please complete the PeopleSoft Contractor key form and a service request.

contractor key button


Lost Key Information

Please complete the Lost Key form letter with the employee information. Then have the appropriate personnel sign before sending the original letter to Physical Plant.

If the key is to be reissued, send the letter with a key service request.

lost key button


Landscape and Grounds

Landscapes and Grounds

Our talented staff serves Southeastern students, faculty, and visitors by installing campus plantings and maintaining outdoor areas. Our work is highly visible.

Since potential students are decision-making consumers, we consciously recruit students through their first impressions of campus--our outdoor spaces, and we attempt to develop lasting impressions of place as students experience our campus through the seasons.

Our focus is to maintain Southeastern's campus as a clean and neat, park-like setting while installing and editing landscape elements to achieve responsible low-maintenance solutions and deliberate sustainability. 

To view more information, click one of the f

ollowing choices.

Vision          -          Named Live Oaks

OP-9:  IPM Integrated pest Management

 The campus of Southeastern Louisiana University covers approximately 365 acres.  Excluding building spaces and athletic fields, approximately 280 acres are maintained with integrated pest management practices supervised by the Landscape Manager. 

Campus landscape maintenance is divided into five zones supervised by Horticulturists.  Each Horticulturist is responsible to scout for pest problems in his zone.  The Horticulturist may treat localized pest problems or report widespread problems to the Landscape Manager.  Long-term plant health and immediate visual aesthetics determine thresholds for pesticide application.  The Utility/IPM Horticultural Attendant implements campus-wide control measures as directed by the Landscape Manager. 

Insecticides with lowest environmental impact are preferred (ie. biologically-derived control for caterpillars).  Systemic insecticides may be used to control more challenging pest populations.  Baiting is preferred for control of fire ant colonies to limit exposure to non-target organisms.

Selective herbicides are applied to reduce weed germination in landscape beds.  Glyphosate is spot applied for post-emergence control of weeds in open bed areas and graveled or paved areas.  Selective herbicides are also applied to suppress problem weeds in turf areas. 

Fungicides are rarely used in landscape areas except on high-value plantings, such as annual color.  Landscape plantings that fail to thrive are replaced with plants adapted to the conditions of the location.  Irrigation schedules are monitored to reduce conditions that encourage fungal infection.

In the greenhouses for event greenery, higher standards of visual aesthetics dictate a stricter threshold for intervention.  Experience demonstrates that regular intervals of pesticide application are necessary in this controlled environment.

The campus landscape maintenance calendar may be found on the university website at

OP-18  Waste Diversion

 In the previous fiscal year (July 2016 to June 2017), Southeastern recycled approximately 89.27 Tons of cardboard, paper, plastics, metal, and used print cartridges.  Of this amount, 30.14 Tons was scrap metal collected in Property Control.

There is no total tonnage available for landfill waste.  The amount of 495.28 Tons was hauled to the landfill in roll-off dumpsters, but the waste collected in open-top dumpsters is not measured or reported by the waste-handling contractor.

One Recycling Operator collects recycling from campus locations.  Southeastern collects single-stream recycling (paper, plastics, metal cans) from departmental offices and from 24 outdoor recycling containers.  The operator also collects cardboard from Dining Services and other campus locations to be baled and sold.  Used print cartridges are collected, palletized, and shipped to a recycling company.

The campus also serves 

as a community drop-off location for small batches of recycling.

Guidelines for Contractors / Excavation Permit

Public Notices

Quality Assurance Form


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