Message from the President

December 04, 2018

As you know, this past August I communicated with the campus about our need to identify printers and other devices that include electronic memory storage in order to comply with State expectations regarding data integrity and security (see here). Since that time, the Office of Technology has been working through division heads to complete an accurate inventory of all such devices.

Recently, it has come to my attention that some who have been involved in the process to identify these devices are under the impression that a decision has been made to remove individual printers and require units to rely largely on centralized network printers. I want to clarify that no such decision has been made.

Although there indeed may be a need to replace some printers or other devices that represent a legitimate security risk, having accurate data about the nature and location of such devices will provide necessary information for budget planning purposes. Likewise, analysis of the data gleaned from this process may provide an opportunity to recommend modifications to operating procedures for some departments that would create operational efficiencies and cost savings. In fact, a number of units already make effective use of centralized network printers where it makes sense to do so.

In any event, there will be no operational changes made without discussion and input from affected units, as well as identification of resources necessary to ensure units have the technology and equipment to function effectively. With this in mind, I again ask for your cooperation as we work to complete an accurate inventory of all devices that may represent a data security risk.


John L. Crain