Fall 2020 Retention Update

October 1, 2020

It is my pleasure to share more good news regarding our Fall 2020 enrollment.  Thanks to the concerted efforts of every department, every faculty member, and every staff member, our freshman to sophomore retention rate has hit a record high of 72%! That is quite an accomplishment! 

Retention is a university-wide philosophy and initiative that underscores our commitment to students and our core values of caring and excellence.  Your individual efforts, along with programs offered through each academic college, the Center for Student Excellence, and the Division for Student Affairs, along with scholarship and financial opportunities and enhanced communications from Enrollment Management, are all part of the strategy to increase retention.

Some specific areas showing retention growth include the Honors program, African American students, on-campus residents, and Southeastern students who started as Dual Enrollment students.   You may view the complete Progression and Retention data here.

We know Southeastern is a great place to be and these numbers confirm our students know it, too. All the credit goes to our people for creating an attractive, inviting and caring environment, focused on the success of our students.

Congratulations on a job well done!


John L. Crain