General Education


Each Southeastern Louisiana University baccalaureate degree is designed to help students progress toward career goals and toward the following goals in general education:

  • Students will effectively and intelligently communicate in writing in a variety of contexts.
  • Students will demonstrate mathematical and analytical reasoning skills.
  • Students will understand the universe through the study of life and physical sciences.
  • Students will understand cultural traditions and/or the human condition through a humanities perspective.
  • Students will understand human behavior and/or the relationship between individuals and their societies through a social/behavioral science perspective.
  • Students will explore and value aesthetic creation and form as an essential means of conceiving and expressing the human experience through the fine arts.  


Recognizing the goals, all baccalaureate curricula include the following minimum requirements based on the Statewide General Education Requirements of the Louisiana Board of Regents:

English                            6 hours and demonstrated proficiency

Analytical Reasoning

6 hours of analytical reasoning, at least 3 of which must be in Mathematics
Natural Science 9 hours, two course sequence in biology or physical science with the remaining three in an area not covered by the sequence 
Fine Arts 3 hours (Music or Visual Arts or Dance or Theatre)
Humanities 9 hours to include 3 hours of Literature, 3 hours of History, and 3 hours of Foreign Language above the introductory level or Philosophy or Speech Communication 
Social/Behavioral Sciences 6 hours (Anthropology or Political Science or Economics or Geography or Psychology or Sociology or Criminal Justice) 


 2019-2020 General Education Courses