Quick Check Table


For contract $75,000 or greater contact the Director of Purchasing at least (6) months prior to desired contract commencement date before proceeding if a Request for Proposal may be required.


What's Needed





Purchase Requisition In Financial System Yes Yes Yes Yes
Contract Form
Scan Contract To System Req and Forward Original with Signature to Purchasing
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Individual Questionnaire Form
(Scan Only) (all contracts with individuals or partnerships)
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Resume of Consultant (Scan Only) (principal investigator or individual)     Yes  
Board of Director's Resolution
(Scan Only) (any corporation; includes Limited Liability Corp)
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Goals/Performance Measures/Monitor Plan/Certification Statement (Scan Only) (for contracts over $5,000) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Disclosure of Ownership (Scan Only) (photocopy of filing with Secretary of State)(most corporations - click for exceptions) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Certificate of Authority(Scan Only) (photocopy of Secretary of State certificate)(non-resident corporation) Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe
Affidavit of Non-Collusion (Scan Only)   Architects/Engineers    
Certificate of Insurance(Scan Only)   Architects/Engineers    
Explanation Letter (Scan Only) for contract over $2,000 submitted after start date Yes Yes Yes Yes
Justification Letter ( Scan Only) for use of out-of-state contractor(For contracts over $49,999) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Justification Letter (Scan Only) for contract in excess of 12 months Yes Yes Yes Yes
Contractor Payment - Receive in Financial System for Services Completed or Rendered Yes Yes Yes Yes
Contractor Original Invoice
(Forward to Controller's Office)
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Performance Evaluation
(Forward to Purchasing Dept.)
Yes Yes Yes Yes


NOTE: Contract over $2,000 with signature of contractor shall be forwarded to Purchasing for Administration signature.  All other documents only need to be scanned and attached inside requisition.  Contract should be scanned and attached inside requisition.