Service Seeking to Contract Continued

Personal, Professional, Consulting and Social Services


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A.  Tell me what Contract Services qualify for contracting.


B.  Can I contract for services using an Independent Contractor?


C.  Who May Not Contract With Southeastern?


D.  I want to pay a Honorarium and forego doing a contract.


E.  I need help to complete the Service Contract Form.


F.  Is a Tax Identification Number (TIN) Required On Contract?


G.  Is an actual Signature Required by contractor on contract?


H.  What contract Starting And Ending Dates should I use?


I.   Are there Other Items I have to include with the contract?


J.   How much lead time should I allow to Process My Contract?


K.   Is there a Checklist Of What I Need To Submit With Contract?


L.   Do I submit a Purchase Requisition with the contract?  Yes


M.  Who has the legal Authority To Approve service contracts?


N.  Oh No! I started services Without A Contract Or Approval.


O.  I need to Make Some Changes Or Terminate The Contract.


P.  How do I Authorize Payment to contractor after work done?


Q. Is it my responsibility to do a Performance EvaluationYes




Contact The Director of Purchasing Concerning Possible Request For Proposal Required For Consulting Service of $50,000 or Greater, or Social Service of $250,000 or Greater Annually.