Specification Do's & Don'ts


#1.  Don't use literature verbatim.

Do pick and choose what is necessary.


#2.  Don't use vague terms.

Do use language that is measurable.


#3.  Don't use only a brand name and model number.

Do list a brand and model number to establish a quality level.


#4.  Don't be restrictive.

Do use tolerance ranges or "approximates" to open ranges.


#5.  Don't specify unnecessary features.

Do list all requirements needed.


#6.   Don't guess.

        Do consult the user, buyer or a specialist for information.


#7.   Don't consult just one vendor.

         Do compare literature for competition.


#8.   Don 't use old specifications and past orders.

         Do check for updated specifications and model numbers.


#9.   Don't throw away or discard literature.

         Do establish a product library with technical specs, literature, and other



#10.  Don't duplicate specifications.

          Do be clear, concise, and accurate.


#11.  Don't use language that does not give the correct requirement of your bid.

   Do use the words "should" or "may" in language to describe advisory optional


  Do use the words "must" or "shall" or "will" to describe a command or

  mandatory requirement. 


#12.  Don't panic.

          Do contact the SLU Purchasing Office for any assistance or with any

          problems that may arise.