Office Supply Purchases

All Departments shall obtain their departmental office supply needs through the Campus Bookstore or GBP Direct. (


University Policy only requires “office supplies” to be purchased through the Bookstore
or GBP Direct.  Items such as data processing CDs, diskettes, printer cartridges,
cables and other data processing supply items are not restricted by the office supply
policy, and may be made through any vendor source in accordance with State Procurement
guidelines. Office equipment items such as chairs, desks, file cabinets and other
movable nonconsumable furnishings may be made through any source in accordance with
State Procurement guidelines.


Office supply purchases up to $1,000 shall be made using the P-Card. Purchases over $1,000 shall not be artificially separated to avoid entering a requisition in the financial
information system.


For purchases up to $15,000, a qualified small business may be used without competition
under the Governor’s Small Purchase Executive Order as long as the cost can be documented
as reasonable.  If the purchase is $5,000 or less, no support documentation would
be necessary and the P-Card is to be used to make the transaction if not exceeding


Any exception to purchase office supply items from sources not outlined above must
be approved prior to purchase by the Director of Purchasing.