Telecommunication Related Purchases

The Office of State Purchasing has delegated certain purchasing authority to colleges and universities for telecommunications equipment and services. Effective July 1, 1996, the Office of Telecommunications Management delegated to colleges and universities the authority to develop and review technical specifications for telecommunications equipment and services commensurate with their existing purchasing authority and in accordance with the current Governor's Executive Order for "Small Purchases", for specific telecommunications supplies, equipment, and services with specific exceptions.


Click for a list of supplies, equipment, and services which are not included in the delegation:


  1. Cellular Equipment & Services
  2. ISDN Equipment
  3. Two-way Radio Equipment including base stations, repeaters, two-way radios, transmitters, and transceivers
  4. Long Distance Service
  5. Local Dial Tone Service
  6. Voice Processing Systems
  7. Radio Paging (Beeper) Services
  8. Circuits
  9. Pay Telephone Services
  10. Internet Service Provider Services (except Switched Internet Access Service up to $350 per subscription per year)
  11. LINC Access facilities to support ESSX service
  12. Microwave Equipment
  13. Satellite Services, Ground Stations, Transponder Time Antennas
  14. Antennas
  15. New Videoconferencing Systems


All requisitions for items on this list must receive prior written approval from the Office of Telecommunications Management before a purchase is made.


OTM has determined that some items require little or no technical expertise to develop specifications. Click for second list of supplies, equipment, and services which are included in the delegation:


  • Radio Equipment such as receivers, scanners, batteries, chargers, battery conditioners/analyzers, Citizen Band (CB) radios, cases, speakers, microphones, replacement antennas, surveillance equipment for law enforcement use such as body microphone radios and associated receiving equipment, wildlife tracking transmitters, and person electronic monitoring devices and systems (used by the Department of Corrections)
  • Emulators
  • Intercom and Paging Systems
  • Television Receive-only (TVRO) Equipment
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Equipment
  • Telephone Equipment (not on contract) such as:
  • Desk sets, 1-2-3 line
  • Speakerphones
  • Cordless phones
  • Conference phones
  • LSI's
  • Headsets
  • Dialing and Answering apparatus
  • Additions to EKS and PBX systems
  • Telecommunications parts and accessories, not on contract
  • Telecommunications software
  • Towers and the rental of tower space
  • Videoconferencing system additions
  • Answering services
  • UPS's and power supplies


These items may be purchased without prior written approval from OTM in accordance with procedures used for obtaining other types of commodities.


If there is any uncertainty regarding the need for OTM approval or if your office needs to purchase a telecommunications item that does not appear on either list, then contact Southeastern's Basic Computing Services Dept (2138) for assistance in contacting OTM.