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Information about Invoices and Invoicing Southeastern


The Louisiana Administrative Code Title 34:539 states:

F.   Invoices. Upon delivery of each order (or completion of services) and its acceptance by the state agency, the supplier shall bill the state agency by means of invoice and the invoice shall make reference to the purchase order number, contract award number, and/or purchase requisition number. All invoices shall be submitted by the supplier on the supplier's own invoice forms, in duplicate, directly to the accounting office of the state agency as required by the purchase order.

Note: The Louisiana State Legislative Auditor has instructed Southeastern a valid invoice shall be original in form when payment made by Southeastern managed funds. As a result, the invoices delivered with merchandise or mailed to Southeastern shall be original in form. If the invoice is a carbon or photocopy, then the vendor should state in ink on the invoice copy "This is a true copy of the original" and sign beneath the statement.

The following exception is permitted for invoices of $500 or less:

The invoice may be faxed to the Southeastern Purchasing Department (985-549-3810) with a direct statement in the body of the "faxed" invoice indicating no other copy of the invoice will be sent (i.e. Please pay from this invoice. You will not receive another invoice.).

Following these procedures will assist in avoiding any delays in processing payment.

Original invoices should be forwarded or mailed to:

Southeastern Louisiana University
Purchasing Department
SLU 10800
Hammond, LA 70402-0800

G.  Payment.

1.  After receipt and acceptance of order and receipt of valid invoice, payment will be made by the state agency within 30 days. Payment will be made at the respective unit prices shown on the bid or price schedule, less any percentages off list price, less federal excise tax (unless otherwise specified), less cash discount earned.

2.  If a state agency without reasonable cause fails to make any payment due within 90 days of the due date prescribed by contract, the state agency shall pay a penalty in accordance with R.S. 39:1695.


Judicial Interest Rate Determination


LA Revised Statute 39:1695 - Late payment to business; penalty paid by state agency

LA Revised Statute 13:4202 - Rates of judicial interest

Judicial Interest Rate Determination for Current Year