Louisiana Products Preference Information


Preference is given to materials, supplies, products, provisions, equipment, or agricultural and forestry products, which are produced, manufactured, assembled, processed, harvested or grown in Louisiana, and that are equal in quality to articles offered by competitors outside of Louisiana.


Title 39:1595 - Preference for products produced, manufactured or assembled in Louisiana

Materials, supplies, products, provisions, or equipment which are produced, manufactured, or assembled in Louisiana, as defined in R.S. 38:2251(A), and which are equal in quality to other materials, supplies, products, provisions, or equipment, will be given a Louisiana products preference provided that all of the following conditions are met:


(1)  The cost of such items does not exceed the cost of other items which are manufactured, processed, produced, or assembled outside the state by more than ten percent.


(2)  The vendor of such Louisiana items agrees to sell the items at the same price as the lowest bid offered on such items.


(3)  In cases where more than one bidder offers Louisiana items which are within ten percent of the lowest bid, the bidder offering the lowest bid on Louisiana items is entitled to accept the price of the lowest bid made on such items.


(4)  Such preference shall only apply to bidders whose Louisiana business workforce is comprised of a minimum of fifty percent Louisiana residents.


Title 38:2251 - Preference for products produced or manufactured in Louisiana; exceptions

"Louisiana products" means products which are manufactured, processed, produced, or assembled in Louisiana.


"Manufactured" means the process of making a product suitable for use from raw materials by hand or by machinery. "Manufactured" shall not mean the process of assembling component parts.


"Processed" means the alteration of any raw product altered from its original state to enhance its value or render it suitable for further refinement or marketing.


"Produced" means the process of manufacturing, planting, cultivating, growing, or harvesting.


"Assembled" means the process of putting together all component parts of an item of equipment by the manufacturer when the assembly plant is located within the territorial borders of the state of Louisiana. "Assembled" also means the assembly of computers and related equipment when such assembly takes place in Louisiana. "Assembled" shall not mean the process of reassembling parts packed for shipping purposes.