Intramural Guidelines


 All Intramural Sports and Events

    1. All sign ups must be done on IMleagues prior to the event. All rosters must be filled out in their entirety to verify student eligibility. You must show your student ID to play but will not turn in your student ID to staff.
    2. In IMleagues, all participants must acknowledge the rules and guidelines.
    3. An Intramural supervisor will be on site at all times overseeing that everyone is following the correct guidelines.


 Outdoor Sports

    1. Games are played at North Oak Park on Fields 2-4. At no time should participants or spectators attempt to access Field 1.
    2. No alcohol is permitted at North Oak Park.
    3. Teams are responsible for cleaning out their bench or dugout after each game.


 Indoor Sports

    1. You must still check in at the front desk in order to come into The REC.
    2. Guests attending indoor intramural events must register at the membership desk.