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Apps/Sites for At-Home Workouts

The apps in this list are either free or have extended free-trial periods.

Simply Yoga App

Contains level 1 & level 2 routines
Effective 20 to 60 minute workouts
Video showing how to do each pose properly
Audio instructions throughout routine

Daily Workouts App

Hundreds of exercises – HD video
Ab, arm, butt, cardio, leg & full body workouts
Effective 5 to 30 minute workouts

Yoga with Adriene

On a mission to get the tools of yoga into schools and homes, Adriene hosts the YouTube channel, Yoga with Adriene, a global online community of over 6 million subscribers.

ACE Fitness

ACE Fitness is a leader in healthy lifestyles and 

ACE has an extensive Exercise Library! Browse through total-body exercises or movements that target more specific areas of the body. Each comes with a detailed description and photos to help ensure proper form.

They also offer articles to help you plan a workout, like Top 25 At-Home Workouts & 20-Minute At-Home Bodyweight Circuit.


A free app to track your daily nutrition and activity, plus their site features articles on nutrition, recipes, essential guides, and fitness.

Check out their 28-Day Squat, Plank & Lunge Plan for a quick and easy guide to get your legs moving. 


For Your Mental Wellness

Healthy Habits Well Challenge / New York Times

A 28-day plan to nourish your body, mind and spirit, one daily challenge at a time. As part of this challenge, they will send you a daily email reminder for each task. The emails will guide you along to creating healthier habits in your daily life.

Free Health and Wellness Classes / CreativeLive

Free Health and Wellness Classes / CreativeLive – CreativeLive is streaming their Physical Health and Mental Wellness classes for free!


For Your Family:

Learn About Endorphins and Running for Health – An article and resource shared courtesy of Shana, Marissa, Sydney, and Gigi Mendelson (Thank you, Mendelson family!)


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