Authorization To Pay Federal Express Charges

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Shipping Notification:
    • Ex: 8/26/09
    • Ex: Letter
    • Ex: 123456789012
    • Ex: 18
    • Ex: Purchasing
    • Ex: 24501
    • Ex: 539600 - Postage
    • Ex: Ed Gautier
    • Ex: 8/26/09
Affirmation of Receipt
  • I certify the Federal Express service provided has been performed satisfactorily:

  • Note: Fax or mail a copy of airbill to the Purchasing Department. Purchasing will attach airbill to AUTHORIZATION TO PAY form. Fax to 3810 or mail to Box 10800.

    Submit completed form and airbill copy to the Purchasing Department no later than (1) working day following shipment or charged delivery.


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