Academic Advising

Online Advising via LEONet

To access Online Advising, log into LEONet for Students, then go to Self-Service, Student Services, and Online Advising. Step-by-step instructions are available for utilizing the Online Advising System. Upon accessing the Online Advising system in LEONet, a notice will be displayed if the department does not provide this type of advising. Check the academic department website for specific instructions pertaining to the Online Advising system. 

Remote Advising

Remote advising sessions are available to students through email and phone calls if the academic department of your major does not utilize the Online Advising system. Students should contact the academic departments to coordinate an advising session. Please refer to the list below for departmental advising contacts. If your academic department reached out to you with specific advising instructions, please continue to follow those details.   

 Center for Student Excellence

Students in their First Year  (less than 30 hours and in their  first or second regular semester)

CSE Advisor

Find your CSE Advisor

College of Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences

Communication & Media Studies

Faculty Advisor



Faculty Advisor

Academic Advising for English


General Studies

Contact your Faculty Advisor via email. 

Academic Advising for General Studies


History & Political Science

Dr. Bill Robison Undergraduate

Dr. Samantha Perez  Graduate


Music & Performing Arts

Logan Place



Faculty Advisor

Academic Advising for Psychology


Sociology & Criminal Justice

Kenneth Bolton
(Advising will be 100% online)


Visual Art & Design

Faculty Advisor


World Languages & Cultures

Lucia Harrison


College of Business

Accounting & Finance Faculty Advisor

Accounting Majors

Finance Majors


Management & Business Admin Faculty Advisor


Marketing & Supply Chain Management Faculty Advisor


College of Education

Teaching & Learning

Ms. Beth Berry  Undergraduate

Dr. Susan Zimlich  Graduate     

Dr. Colleen Klein-Ezell

Educational Leadership & Technology

Master's Advisor
Dr. Ashley Wicker

Doctoral Advisor
Dr. Luke Stedrak

Department Head
Dr. Thomas DeVaney

College of Nursing & Health Sciences

Health & Human Sciences

 Faculty Advisor

Advising for Health & Human Sciences

COVID-19 Message

Kinesiology & Health Studies Faculty Advisor


Advising for Kinesiology & Health Studies


School of Nursing Faculty Advisor

Academic Advising for Nursing

College of Science & Technology

Biological Sciences Faculty Advisor


Chemistry & Physics Christine Fabre


Computer Science Dr. John Burris

Academic Advising for CS

Industrial & Engineering Technology

Faculty Advisor

Academic Advising for IET

Mathematics Faculty Advisor

Academic Advising for Mathematics