Technical Recommendations

Learning Management System (LMS) at Southeastern

First things first...

In order to successfully take a 100% online course or use the LMS as a supplement to a course taught at Southeastern, you should check your computer equipment, Internet connection and browser configuration for optimum performance. To help maximize performance for your course, you'll need to be certain that your computer settings meet the system requirements and that the Internet connection you will be using will be fast and reliable. The browser you're using also needs to be properly configured. In other words, you need your computer to be set up correctly or completing assignments and tests will be troublesome therefore making your online course more difficult and sometimes impossible to complete. We recommend that you configure your computer before you get started with a course that uses the LMS. Having your computer set up properly will give you the necessary tool to complete your online work with ease and make your learning experience better.

Computers Operating System Requirement



Internet connection

We recommend high speed broadband or DSL Internet connection when taking a course online. The faster and more reliable your Internet connection, the better your online course experience will be. It is also recommended that a hard wired connection be used especially when submitting assignments and taking tests. Wireless connections are less stable and have been known to have interruptions in the connection causing problems when submitting an assignment or exam. Wireless connection to the Internet can be used to take a course in Moodle, however this type connection is less stable and not recommended.

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Students needing assistance with technical
issues can receive help from the Southeastern Student Help Desk.