Off-Campus Events

Updated event policies:

Student organizations will no longer be required to register events that take place off-campus. There are exceptions to this change and additional details that are found below.  We understand that many student organization leaders and advisors may have questions related to this change. The following offices can be contacted to field questions: 

Dean of Students Office 


The Office for Student Engagement


What is not changing? 

  • Registered Student Organizations must still be formally registered and recognized by the Office for Student Engagement. Groups who are not in compliance will be asked to cease all activities until proper steps are followed. 
  • Events/Programs/Meetings/Activities that take place ON-CAMPUS must be registered through the Registration of Activities platform
  • Relevant policies and procedures must be followed (Example: Student organizations who host events on-campus where alcohol is served must still contract with UPD, designate Event Managers, be trained; etc)

Policy Change/New Direction

  • Events/Programs/Meetings/Activities that take place OFF-CAMPUS are not required to be registered through the Registration of Activities platform. There are exceptions that will be displayed in the next section
  • Off-Campus visitation forms will not be required unless your activity requires approval and you are missing class. 

Exceptions to the Policy

  • Your organization IS REQUIRED to register off-campus activities if one of the following apply:
    • Your organization is utilizing university funds such as department grant, SGA grant, CAB grant; etc
    • Fraternity and Sorority Intake Processes (Recruitment, meeting locations, meeting dates, Neophyte Presentations; etc)

Events Off-Campus 

  •  Student organizations are highly encouraged to maintain procedures and practices such as: 
    • Contracting security (local law enforcemen is ideal)
    • Designate members as Event Managers and Guest List Managers
  • Student organizations are required to follow policies and procedures associated with their national organizations
  • Student organizations must adhere to the University Alcohol Policy 
  • Off-campus events are not university related, sanctioned, or supported unless University funds are used or invlolve membership intake
  • No reference to the University should be included in advertisements of non-affiliated events without written permission from the Office of the Dean of Students
  • No organization event shall be permitted to be advertised on campus without written permission from the Office of the Dean of Students
  • The use of the University name or logo is strictly prohibited for any unregistered event held away from campus without written permission from the Dean of Students 

Fraternities and Sororities 

  • Fraternity and Sorority Life members should ALWAYS remember that you are bound by your national policies. That does not shift.
  • Any activities associated with fraternity and sorority intake must be registered through the Registration of Activities Platform 

Student Code of Conduct 

  • Students and Student Organizations must know and understand that they must adhere to the Student Code of Conduct regardless of the location of the event/activity.



With recent policy changes, many student organizations may begin to consider hosting events at various off-campus locations. As a reminder, organizations are no longer required to register off-campus events unless they are using department funds/grant, SGA grant, CAB grant, or the event is associated with the Fraternity and Sorority Life Intake process. 

Here are a few things to consider when choosing to host an event off-campus versus hosting the event on campus:

Space Availability

  • Hosting an event on-campus can be the most convenient and efficient for your organization but understand that availability is always in high demand. That said, organizations must continue to register their on-campus events and request space through the Registration of Activities Process.As stated, space on campus is generally the most convenient, cost effective, and risk adverse.
  • If you decide to select an off-campus venue you should consider the following:
    • Venue cost and deposit
    • Capacity limits
    • Availability of staff before, during, and after your event. You always want to be sure there is a representative available to answer questions and navigate any concerns you may have
    • Does the venue have an emergency plan in place?
    • Does the venue provide your organization with a contract specifying the details which include any expectations or additional usage fees?
    • Does the venue offer their own security? If so – is it reputable?
    • Should I contract with local law enforcement in addition to any venue security?


  • Hosting an event on campus does not typically require funding from your student organization. There is usually no need to create any budget for the venue if on-campus.
  • Student Organizations should ensure they have secured the appropriate funding to host events off-campus. Often time, venues require a security deposit that in may be non-refundable

Insurance Premiums

  • Hosting events at an off-campus venue come with additional cost. It is important to ensure the venue of choice has appropriate insurance. Be mindful to have this conversation with a representative from the venue to ensure you don’t need to have your own organizational insurance.

Event Security

  • Depending on the nature of your event (Alcohol involved) event security may be required for your event. It is strongly recommended that you contract with local law enforcement where the event is held. The University Police Department can provide insight and information on obtaining appropriate security


  • Student Organizations should consider the transportation of the attendees to the event. Fraternities and Sororities should always follow their national policies as it relates to transportation. For example, if your national policy requires 3rd party travel – you must book 3rd party travel to your event.
  • Student organizations should be mindful of the following when providing transportation:
    • Transportation company proof of insurance - you should request proof of insurance. 
    • Will the transportation be available both there and back?
    • What will happen if the transportation company cancels day-of?  (make sure to have an alternative plan or refund plan)
    • Are there enough seats/buses for the estimate number of attendees?
    • How will the crow at the bus pick location be managed?
    • Does the pick up location interfere with regular traffic?
    • Are the buses ADA accessible?
  • Be sure to sign contract so expectations are clear prior to the event. Also, the host should have the day-of bus drivers contact information for easy and available communication during the event.

Other important information to remember

  • The University Alcohol Policy still applies to on and off-campus activities. Please be familiar with the details of the policy.
  • Students and Student organizations remain responsible for any vio Student Code of Conduct. Those found to be in violation will be reported to the Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability.
  • Be a good neighbor! Many student organizations host events at local establishments in Hammond. Please be mindful of your conduct while visiting these venues.