Employment Information

Are you looking to earn money while learning valuable skills? Need an on-campus job that is not only fun but also a great resume builder? Then Student Publications is the place for you!

Students wishing to join the staff of Student Publications, The Lion's Roar, and/or Le Souvenir should apply in person at our offices located in the North Campus Main Building, Rm 154.

Although some experience is preferred, it is not required to join the staff. Students may join the staff regardless of their major or area of study. Journalism or communication courses are strongly recommended and would be helpful, but are not required for employment.

Both The Lion's Roar and Le Souvenir are student-run publications with students in leadership roles directing and managing the day-to-day activities of the publications.

Let us know you want to join our team by completing our Interest Form. All applicants will have to complete a full employment application before any student worker position will be offered.


The Office of Student Publications routinely hires students for the following positions:

  • Staff Reporter (news, arts, entertainment, sports, photography, etc.)

  • Graphic Designer

  • Cartoonist

  • Web Design

  • Social Media


Staff members are expected to attend at least one weekly meeting where they are assigned tasks for the upcoming week. Individuals joining the staff in paid positions are considered student workers and must fill out the appropriate university paperwork. Students have the ability to earn up to 20 hours per week, although individual hours for each student may vary depending on their schedule, job position, and availability of assignments.

Just looking for experience but already have a job? Non-paid positions as staff contributors are also available. Additionally, graduate assistant and internship positions are available on a limited basis.