Vehicle Registration Information

Faculty/Staff Registration begins August 1, 2022


Student Registration begins August 8, 2022 



Student, Faculty/Staff Parking Permit: $60 plus tax/Academic Year 

**Please note all ADA Permits and other specialized permits are sold in office only**

    1. Log into your Southeastern Gmail account:
    2. Go to your Google apps on your Southeastern Gmail account and click on “Parking Portal.” 
    3. Click on "Get Permits."
    4. Select “Purchase a Permit” then click "Next."
    5. Select the permit you want to purchase and click “I Agree” on all the boxes about the rules and regulations, and then click "Next."
    6. Click on “Add New Vehicle” and fill out all the required information then click “Next."
      **Please note: A maximum of 2 vehicles are allowed per permit.
    7. View your cart to make sure the order is correct, select the payment method, enter your email address in the checkout box, and click “Pay Now.”
    8. On the payment information page, confirm the order is correct and click “Next.”
    9. Click on the checkout button, enter credit card information and billing address, and click on “Submit Payment.”
      **Please note: You may also purchase a permit via the “Student Account” option. This option will send the charge to your student Leonet account.
      Faculty/Staff will have the option to Purchase the FRH permit via payroll deduction
      ** Please note if you were previously enrolled in payroll deduction a new enrollment will be required for all participants .**

    **After registration is complete, your vehicle is allowed to park in designated zones.


Student Permit $60 academic Year

Faculty/Staff Permit: $20.89/Semester $62.67/Academic Year

 Payroll Deduction is available August 1- October 1 for full time Southeastern faculty/staff only



Student/Faculty/Staff Temporary permit:

  • Southeastern ID Card
  • Valid for 1 day, expires at midnight of the day received
  • With registered vehicle- first two are free, then $2 per day
  • Without registered vehicle- $2 per day for first two, then $5 per day


Hang Tag/ Permit Placement:

Position your hang tag so that it is facing outward from the rearview mirror of your automobile.

                                                       HANG TAG


Requirements to obtain temporary visitor permit:

  • Picture ID
  • Valid for 1 day; expires at midnight of the day received
  • Parking allowed in Faculty/Staff, Upper Class, and Freshman Commuter zones
  • Not valid for any Student Residential zone