Policy and Guidelines

Southeastern Louisiana University and the University Center providesan Electronic Message Center on the Outdoor Marquee for communication to the campus community and general public within the framework of the University's educational mission. All messages appearing on the Message Center should clearly support and advance this mission.

The Message Center is viewed by both the campus community and the general public as representative of the University andthe University Center. The Message Center, therefore, will be operated in a manner that enhances Southeastern's welfare and reputation.

The Message Center is the result of an initiative by Southeastern Louisiana University andthe University Center to facilitate communications regarding University and Community events held in the facility.

The following are guidelines that will assist in the development and/or request of messages on the Message Center at the University Center.

  1. Messages must be submitted on a Marquee Request Form (see link on left). No information submitted by telephone will be considered for use.Messages must be submitted at least two (2) weeks before the first day they are to appear on the Message Center.
  2. Submit notices to:Cathy Morgan,Administrative Assistant, the University Center.
  3. Events sponsored or presented at or by the University Center will have priority in Message Center time and/or space. Priority within the University will be as follows:

    a. All University Center Events
    b.Other University Events
    c. Official University Announcements
    d. Other Educational Announcements
    e. Community Events (providing availability)

  4. Events open only to members of an organization will not be accepted/announced on the Message Center.
  5. Promotion of candidates in any University election, non-University primary election or general election is prohibited.
  6. Promotion of political, factional or sectarian viewpoints is prohibited.
  7. False, misleading, or deceptive messages are strictly prohibited.
  8. Messages expressing racist, sexist or bigoted views are strictly prohibited.
  9. No tobacco, alcoholic beverage (including beer and light wine), gambling and/or other addictive or age-requirement activity/involvement will bedisplayed on the Message Center. This guideline holds even if theactivity/involvement is a sponsor of an event being held at the University Center or other announced on the Message Center.
  10. Events will be announced on the Message Center for a maximum of five (5) workingdays prior to the beginning date of the event, and such displays may continue duringmulti-day events, if time/space is available. Weekend days falling during the five-dayperiod will not be counted as display days, although the message may be displayed. TheUniversity Center Director may extend these display days if the nature of the event(s) warrants and/or if time is available.
  11. TheUniversity Center Director will have full discretion to preempt any messageschedule for an official emergencyUniversity announcement and/or an official emergencypublic announcement. There will be no obligation to make good message schedulespreeempted under these circumstances.

Prospective users are encouraged to use a variety of communications media for announcements rather than relying solely on the Message Center. Users are alsocautioned that the University and/or the University Center offers no guarantee with respect to the appearance of a message on the Message Center.

The number of messages that can appear in any given time period is limited, and precedence will be given to the

1) Pre-Purchased advertising/sponsorship message time;

2) Internal University/University Center messaging;

3) Other messages based upon earliest submission.

Appearance of messages is subject to constraints of priorities and electronic or mechanical limitations. Messages may be edited for conciseness, clarity, and conformity to the requirements of the medium.

"Contact the University Center director's office for format and file size requirements."