Operational materials (letterhead, envelopes, business cards, etc.) are the most frequently used applications for the university identity program. They therefore play a key role in both conveying and reinforcing Southeastern's identity to the public. The designs displayed on these pages have been approved by the administration of the university. They should not be altered in any way. Any materials not shown should be adapted as closely as possible.

To ensure compatibility and institutional consistency with university requirements, operational materials, such as business cards, letterhead and envelopes, should be routed through Document Source on campus. Any questions regarding the usage of the signatures or layout of operational materials should be directed to the Office of University Marketing and Communications. 

Document Source Ordering System


Southeastern’s logo is centered at the top of the 8.5 x 11 inch page and department information is centered at the bottom of the page. Department information should include the campus box number, city, state and zip code; telephone and fax number, when available. Beneath this information is the tagline, "A member of the University of Louisiana System," which is a system requirement. The standard letterhead features Southeastern’s logo in full color on white paper. A green version is also available for instances when one color printing is needed.



Because postal requirements limit the amount of space that can be used on the left side of a standard envelope, Southeastern’s logo is positioned to the far left of the envelope, with address information below. The standard envelope features Southeastern’s logo in full color on white paper. A green version is also available for instances when one color printing is needed. 

Letterhead and envelopes must be ordered through Document Source. When ordering letterhead and envelopes together, please treat these pieces as a set, and order the same color option for both.

Letterhead and Envelope Template

Business Cards

Business cards are printed 3.5 X 2 inches in full color on specified white card stock. Cards are horizontal in format. Information on the card will be typeset by the Office of University Marketing and Communications and should include the following: name, title, official address (campus box number, city, state, zip code), office telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, and, when appropriate, wireless telephone number. Cards must be printed at the university's Document Source. The back of business cards can feature one of two official logo graphics as seen below. Card back may also be left blank.


Business Card Example


Campus Memoranda and Fax Cover Sheets

Interoffice memoranda and fax cover sheets are usually printed in black ink on white paper and may be generated from individual personal computers. 



All display advertisements, because they are important to Southeastern's identity program, should feature the university logo or the secondary word mark to provide maximum visibility and awareness. Advertising must be coordinated through the Office of University Marketing and Communications, which will assist in copywriting, design, and placement.


Brochures and Publications

All brochures and publications should feature the Southeastern logo and/or the word mark. Production of brochures and publications should be coordinated through the Office of University Marketing and Communications in order to maintain visual continuity and professional appearance and to assist in obtaining the best printing services.


Electronic Media

The Southeastern word mark should be used with departmental home pages and when possible on secondary web site pages. All previous university logos (e.g., the architectural "S" logo [the "bird cage"] and the 75th anniversary logo) should be replaced with the university's current logo. Whenever possible, the logo should appear in color using the official PMS colors.


For more information

The Southeastern Office of University Marketing and Communications serves as the primary source of information on graphic standards and use of University logos and signatures. All questions should be directed to the office at