Required Admissions Materials for International Transfer Students

Transcripts and Official Records

Southeastern requires official records of all colleges attended, showing subjects
taken and grades received as well as any national or government certificates earned.
Notarized translations into English is also required.

Official transcripts must be sent directly to Southeastern from the institution (if
not, please send the original official document you were issued). Any photocopies
must be attested by the school. Transcripts that are faxed or sent through email will NOT be accepted.

Students are also required to send a course by course evaluation of all courses taken.
Evaluations can be obtained from any of the following companies:
SpanTran Pathways – Southeastern has a tailored application for all applicants choosing Spantran services
and this link takes you directly to it. Evaluations arrive to us electronically making
the process faster for all applicants.

In addition, course descriptions from the school’s catalogue of courses should also
be sent directly to Southeastern by the student or school. All international course
work will transfer to Southeastern with a grade of “Pass” or “Fail.” A cumulative
grade point average is still calculated from the original transcript for admission

Please note that Southeastern International Admissions has a policy of imaging all
official transcripts received and then destroying the originals.  If you wish us not
to destroy the original, please let us know by attaching a note to the transcript
stating “Please do not destroy, return original to student” Be sure to include your
mailing address and phone number.



Official ACT or SAT Scores

If you have NOT earned an undergraduate degree (Associate, Bachelor, etc.), you will
be required to submit SAT or ACT scores for admission into the university. Scores
must be sent directly from the testing company. No photocopies, attested scores, or online results from student accounts will be accepted. If you have earned a degree, check to see it is at least equivalent to an associate
or higher using the credential evaluation you must submit or by contacting our office.
We will then let you know if you do not need to submit SAT/ACT scores.


Proof of Immunization

Each student is required to present proof of immunization for measles, mumps, and
rubella (both initial booster and shot), meningococcal meningitis, and tetanus-diptheria
(within the last 10 years) or file the request for exemption before registration is
allowed. For more information, please visit the Immunization Requirements page.

If you are missing any of the required vaccinations due to personal, religious, or
medical reasons, you may select the option on the second page of the immunization
form then date and sign it. 

Proof of Immunization Compliance Form


TOEFL and IELTS Scores

Proficiency in English is required. All students whose education was earned outside
of the United States or whose native language is not English are required to furnish
a TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language
Testing System) score.

Scores must be sent directly from the testing company. The school code to send TOEFL
scores to Southeastern is 6656. Students may also mail their original hardcopy results. No photocopies, attested scores, or online results will be accepted.


SEVIS Transfer Form

Students who are on the F-1 or J-1 student visas transferring to Southeastern from
a school within the United States
must also submit the SEVIS Transfer Form. Only after you have been accepted to Southeastern and have received your official
acceptance letter will your current school complete the form and transfer your SEVIS
record to us.



Students who need to apply for the F1 or J1 student visa, will be required to submit
a copy of their valid passport biographical page so that we may issue the I-20/DS-2019.


Financial Statement of Support

Fees and expenses at Southeastern are estimated to be at least $31,618 for undergraduates
per year. This figure includes tuition, housing, meals, textbook rental and health
insurance, but does not include the cost of transportation to and from the United
States. This amount is subject to change at any time. A financial statement of support
together with a letter from the certifying financial institution must be submitted
for any student who requires an I-20 or DS-2019.

Financial Statement of Support for Undergraduates


Where to Send Documents

All documents should be mailed to:

Southeastern Louisiana University

ATTN: International Services Office

900B West University Ave

Hammond, LA 70402