Other Admissions Programs

Southeastern offers special admissions programs for guest students and adults. Here you can view admissions criteria, required materials and resources for more information. When you're ready, start the admissions process by choosing the appropriate link below.

Not sure which admit type applies to you? Contact the Admissions office at 1-800-222-7358 or admissions@southeastern.edu for assistance.

Special Program for Adults

Southeastern offers a non-degree program for persons wishing to take credit courses without meeting all the requirements for admission to a full undergraduate status. Qualifying adults applying for admission under this program should not have attended any school for at least 3 years. The admission application for SPA program is only valid for 2 semesters. Adults who would like to continue to take more courses, must re-apply for admissions to continue. 

The Admissions Office will need proof of degree (copy of high school diploma or transcript), proof of immunization, and application fee to process application. Students will qualify for 3 credit hour tuition waiver if 60 years of age or older.

The student should consult with the department head of their intended major if they decide to pursue a degree. SPA students will be required to have ACT scores on file or proof of prerequisite completion prior to scheduling any English or Mathematics courses. Students may contact the Office of Admissions for more information about the Special Program for Adults. Federal (Title IV) financial aid is not available for students participating in this program.

  1. Submit an application and pay app fee; see link to Apply below.
  2. Submit proof of degree (high school diploma/transcript or college transcript) and proof of immunization.
  3. Contact our Admissions Office at 985-549-5637 if you have questions regarding your application.
  4. For advising and registration, please contact the College of Honors and Excellence.
  5. Visit "How Do I" website to learn how to register your course(s).
  6. Students 60 or older need to submit a copy of a valid ID/driver's license to the Controller's Office for 3 hour tuition waiver.


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Guest Students

If you are currently enrolled at another institution and are interested in earning credits for one semester at Southeastern, please join us! Keep in mind that you may be able to transfer the credit(s) back to your home institution. 

Steps for enrolling as a Guest Student: 

  1. Submit an application; see link to Apply below.
  2. Submit application fee and proof of immunization
  3. Must submit an official transcript or an official letter showing good academic standing from the college or university currently attending.
  4. Contact our Admissions Office at 985.549.5637 if you have any questions regarding your enrollment.
  5. For advising and registration assistance, please contact the Transfer Student Coordinator in the College of Honors and Excellence.
  6. Visit our "How Do I" website to learn how to register your course(s).


Please note:

  • Guest students are not eligible to Federal (Title IV) financial aid. 
  • You will need to contact your home institution to ensure your credits will successfully transfer from Southeastern. 

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Graduate Non-Degree

Southeastern offers the following graduate non-degree programs. To apply, select Master/Doctoral for your application type and Non-degree seeking for your degree type:

  • Add-On Certification
  • Alternate Certification
  • Extended Studies (This program is for non-degree seeking students wishing to take graduate-level classes)
  • IB Educator Certificate

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Graduate Certificate Programs

Southeastern offers the following graduate certificate programs. To apply, select Master/Doctoral for your application type and Certificate for your degree type:

  • Business Administration - Post Baccalaureate Certificate
  • Plus 30
  • Post Masters Certificate / Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
  • Sustainability - Post Baccalaureate Certificate

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Please note:

  • A student wishing to pursue graduate-level study for purposes other than advanced degree, certificate program, or master plus 30 credit hours for teachers may be admitted in certain admission classification statuses.
  • Financial aid may be limited for students based on their admission classification status. Contact the Student Financial Aid Office for additional information.