Louisiana Transfer Associate Degrees (AALT/ASLT)

Completion of the Associate of Arts/Science Louisiana Transfer (AALT, ASLT) degree
guarantees that the student has met, in full, all lower division general education
requirements at the receiving Louisiana public university. Graduates transferring
with the transfer degree will have junior status. Courses or GPA requirements for
specific majors, departments, or schools are not automatically satisfied by an AALT/ASLT

Advisor’s Guide to the Louisiana Transfer Associate Degree 

FAQs for Transfer Associate Degree Guarantee 

Courses Satisfying General Education Requirements at Southeastern Louisiana University (2020-2021)

Two-Year to Southeastern Advising Templates

To better assist students in a seamless transfer between a two-year community or technical
college and Southeastern, advising templates have been created with required Southeastern
courses. Students should consult the two-year community or technical college they
are transferring from to ensure the appropriate courses are taken prior to transfer.


AS/LT Degree to Baccalaureate Degree Advising Templates (2019-2020)


AA/LT Degree to Baccalaureate Degree Advising Templates (2019-2020)


Master Course Articulation Matrix

The Master Course Articulation Matrix is a Board of Regents approved document indicating the majority of General Education courses taught at
two-year community and technical colleges with the equivalent course listed for Southeastern
Louisiana University


The interactive version allows you to view course transfer information in multiple
formats. The  Course Transfer guide can be found at the Louisiana Transfer Degree web site.


Community College to Southeastern Transfer Equivalency Tables

Not all courses that transfer to Southeastern are found in the Course Transfer Guide.
Questions concerning courses not found in the Course Transfer Guide should be addressed
to  [email protected] or call 985-549-5865.