Course Placement Information

Southeastern offers several options for students to receive placement into advanced

Math and English Placement

Credit through Advanced Placement (AP)

Credits through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Credit through Department Credit Examinations

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Math and English Placement

Placement into the beginning level of Math and English is based on a student’s ACT
score. Click the links below to view the Math and English Placement information and
to determine which Math and English you are eligible to schedule.


Credit Through Advanced Placement (AP)

Southeastern participates with the College Board Advanced Placement Program. Students
in selected high schools take college-level courses in high school and their examinations
are graded by the staff of the College Board.

Click on the link below to view Advanced Placement Courses, the required scores, and
the equivalent Southeastern courses for which credit will be given at Southeastern.


Credits Through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

An enrolled or entering student at Southeastern may gain credit in a number of courses
by completing certain subject examinations of the College Level Examination Program
(CLEP) provided by Educational Testing Services and administered through the Office
of Testing.

CLEP examinations may be taken at Southeastern by appointment only. All tests are
Computer Based, which allow for immediate test result(s) upon completion of testing.
A non-refundable administrative fee is assessed for each exam.

Subject examinations, acceptable scores and credit hours currently approved for Southeastern
courses are listed at the link below.


Credit Through Department Credit Examinations

Southeastern departmental credit examinations are administered in the summer, fall,
and spring to Southeastern Louisiana University students and to entering students.

A student interested in taking departmental credit examinations may obtain the request
forms at the academic department.

A student will have the request form approved by his/her department head, the dean
of his/her college, and the head of the department administering the examination.

The University charges a non-refundable fee of $25 per credit examination.

Credit examinations are given on the undergraduate level and on a limited basis in
certain graduate degree programs.

Only courses passed will be recorded on the student’s record. A grade of P will be
given and the course will not be computed in the student’s grade point average.

The department head in which the course is offered will set the dates of tests at
his/her discretion.


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