Chemistry and Physics Seminar

Chemistry and Physics Seminar Schedule


Since the Spring semester of 2002, the Department of Chemistry has supported a very
successful series of seminars, meeting the needs of students and faculty, both at
Southeastern and other Universities. Faculty and students of Southeastern, from Chemistry
and Physics as well as other departments, make use of the series to keep other faculty
and students apprised of their activities. Speakers from other Universities and businesses
have used the seminar series as a forum in which to inform Southeastern students of
post-graduate opportunities, whether in graduate school or in industry. Further, these
seminars have served as a catalyst for collaborative research projects between Southeastern
faculty and faculty at other Universities. And by acting as a catalyst for ‘speaker
exchanges’, our seminar series has promoted interactions as Southeastern faculty present
their work to the faculty of other Universities.
While it focuses upon opportunities in physics and chemistry, speakers have also
presented discussions of, for example: the work of chemists in the wake of 9/11, forensic
medicine, the Creationism/evolution debate and the philosophical concept of emergent

The department’s seminars are held from 12:00 to 12:50 on most Fridays during regular
semesters, in Pursley Hall Room 211. They are open to all who are interested.