CSTB Building

About the Department

The Department of Computer Science at Southeastern Louisiana University is committed
to preparing students to be nationally competitive both in the workforce and in graduate
studies. We focus on providing students with the skills and experience to prepare
them for a career in technology. Our instruction in hardware, software, theoretical
principles, and industry practices enables graduates to compete in both the workforce
and graduate studies. Especially, our graduates are so highly sought after by businesses
in the state.

Our committed, highly qualified and gifted faculty at the department is well-positioned
to develop talent that will meet the needs of the 21st century economy. Our faculty
members have worked tirelessly to prepare our students for the best jobs. With enrollment
that has more than doubled over the past decade, Southeastern’s highly-regarded Computer
Science and Information Technology programs are recognized as a leader among and one
of the state’s fastest-growing computing and information technology programs.

Located in a newly-constructed 70,000 square-foot Computer Science and Technology
Building, which encompasses modern, high-tech classrooms and specialty labs, Computer
Science at Southeastern is poised for continued program expansion. Furthermore, the
department stands ready as pivotal partners in Louisiana’s growing technology sector.

In fact, Southeastern Louisiana University serves as one of the lead higher education
institutions through a public-private partnership to meet workforce demands created
by the arrival of DXC Technology, the world’s leading independent Information Technology
(IT) services and solutions company, in southeast Louisiana. We are a pivotal part
of the $25 million higher education initiative to meet workforce demands and expand
the number of degrees awarded annually in computer science, management, science and
technology, engineering and math, or other STEM-related studies facilitated by Louisiana
Economic Development, the State of Louisiana.

With very strong supports from the College of Science and Technology, Southeastern
LA University and our industrial partners, the department is poised for continued
program expansion.

Whether you need more information about our courses, concentrations, programs, scholarships
or looking for a partnership with the Department of Computer Science, don’t hesitate
to contact:

Dr. Bonnie Achee, Interim Department Head – [email protected]

Note:  Dr. John W. Burris, Chief Information Officer and former Computer Science Department
Head talks about the Computer Science Department in the following video: