Industry Connect

Deep partnerships with industry are essential to advancing the overall research and
educational missions of our program. Whether you are a research organization, a large
corporation, or a lean start-up, we can discuss what sort of partnership would best
fit your needs. Participating in our Industry Connect initiative can help your organization
make connections, facilitate relationships, and engage with world-class faculty and
students for recruitment, research, mentoring, classroom engagement, and professional

Working together to support innovation, identify and attract top engineering talent,
and build lasting relationships will benefit both your organization and the Department
of Computer Science.

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Internship programs offer a way to bring in fresh perspectives, create a pipeline
for new hires and provide mentorship opportunities for existing employees. Southeastern
has a pool of highly motivated CS/IT students eager to contribute to your organization!

Our Internship Program (CMPS 400) allows CS/IT students to engage with companies looking
to provide experiential learning opportunities for a semester. These paid interns
work 20 hours per week for fall/spring semesters and 40 hours during the summer.

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Industry Connect Courses

Industry Connect partners join capstone and other core Computer Science Courses to
introduce their real-world challenges, which need attention and offer their support
to prepare the next generation of engineering and computing professionals. Students
form teams to combine theory and practice while gaining valuable experience. 

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Distinguished Lecturer Series

The series features industry experts serving to introduce our students, faculty and
interested guests to technologies and practices currently used in industry that can
be utilized immediately in Southeastern’s industry connect classes or in personal
projects, thereby connecting the theory of a university degree with state-of-the-industry
and current leaders in the field.

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Employer Testimonials

“Our team at Elevator3 Software has worked with many of Southeastern’s Computer Science
students over the years. The department’s curriculum and professors do a phenomenal
job preparing students to make impactful contributions to development teams right
out of school.”

– Elevator3 Software



Southeastern Louisiana University uses Handshake as their primary career management
platform, Handshake enables employers to connect with students through targeted outreach,
dynamic branding, and digital features like virtual career fairs and events.

Advisory Board

Our Department of Computer Science has an active Industry Advisory Board. IAB participants
contribute firsthand to curriculum development and implementation of essential processes
and technologies.