Farmers Market Manager Internship

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Keri Wilkinson

Fall 2023 Market Manager Intern

keri wilkenson The Reconnect Farmers Market Internship was a very expanding experience for me. It
taught me about the reality of my capabilities and gave me a behind-the-scenes look
into a farmer’s market. Being that I have been a vendor in this market and many others,
I was able to operate from a different lens and change my perspective in the end frankly.
The skills I learned from this internship are skills I will keep with me throughout
my career without a doubt.


Running the Reconnect Farmers Market as the student market manager was the single
most character-building experience of my college life to this day
.”  – Elijah Phifer, Fall 2022 Market Manager Intern


“[The market brings] awareness to food and sustainability in an interactive way that
allows people to think about their food choices and provides them with a way to make
a change.”
 – Heather Poole, Fall 2017 Market Manager Intern


“Customer appreciation, patience, delegation, optimism, community outreach, and organization
are only

some of the many skills that this internship assisted me with. It helped me be a more
informed citizen and truly made me realize that small steps contribute to making the
bigger vision come to reality.”
– Priyanka Singh, Fall 2014 Market Manager Intern