Living Learning Communities

Twelve Oaks Exterior

A Living Learning Community (LLC)is a residential program that allows you to connect with a diverse group of Education
students who share a common focus.
Education LLC students are freshmen who live together and participate in shared courses
(when applicable), special events, and service projects.
The LLC is dependent on a minimum number of participants each year and is not a guaranteed

The College of Education is partnering with University Housing to offer a Living Learning
Community (LLC) open to freshmen Education students only. The community is housed
in Twelve Oaks Hall – a terrific residence hall located in the heart of campus and conveniently located
near the Teacher Education Center (TEC).

Benefits of Participating in the Education Living Learning Community:

-Live together in Twelve Oaks Hall with other Education LLC students

-Interact and network with Education Faculty

-Participate in events/activities outside the classroom

-Enroll in a special section of SE 101 taught in the dorm classroom where you live

-Be encouraged to enroll in other common classes together

-Be College Ready in English and Math (English ACT 18+ and Math ACT 19+)

Twelve Oaks Hall dorm with students


I am interested in joining the Education LLC.  What are my next steps? 

1.  Apply to the University and await acceptance.
2.  After being accepted into Southeastern, apply for housing as if you were not in the LLC (pay your housing deposit and select a dorm)
3.  Complete the Education LLC google form to indicate interest. 
4.  Await notification of your Education LLC status via email (check personal and/or
SELU email) by early Summer.  If the minimum number of participation is not met, you
will remain in the original dorm that you selected when applying to housing as a freshman.

Contact us:

Anyone interested in joining the Education LLC can email [email protected] for more information.