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Success Stories

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Southeastern Louisiana University has been educating students for nearly 100 years
and there are thousands of stories of their success. I’m sharing the story of a student
who just graduated to
demonstrate the power of a great education and the unique quality of Southeastern.

Kortney Chiappetta—2018 Education Graduate

chiapettaEarly on Kortney knew that her calling was to teach. “After completing an internship
at an elementary school while I was in high school, I was hooked,” she said.

While she knew that Southeastern had a nationally ranked education program, she had
received offers from other universities and was strongly considering accepting. After
visiting Southeastern’s
campus and meeting faculty, staff and students, she quickly knew she had found her

“You hear all the time that Southeastern is like a family. It’s so welcoming and personable,”
she said. “Everyone seems to care about you and wants you to succeed, and everyone
can become a friend. That was obvious immediately.”  With the support of scholarship
funding, Kortney was able to make what she considers the perfect decision—to attend

From day one, Kortney has been a model student. She has been very involved on campus

and has done well academically. She gives much of the credit to Southeastern. “I know
I am ready
for my future. Southeastern made sure of that,” she said.

Now that she has graduated, she looks forward to teaching and passing on her passion
learning and serving others to the next generation. “Southeastern will always have
a special
place in my heart due to the support I received from so many—they were a big factor
in my
success,” said Kortney. “One day I hope to send my own children to Southeastern.”

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Stories like Kortney’s and so many others are the real success stories that show how
Southeastern makes an impact on lives every day.

We all know how an education will make a lifelong difference, and that supporting
student access to education while building academic excellence is vitally important.

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