Friends of Lion Legacy

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Friends of Lion Legacy

“A favorite quotation that I share with my students each semester is Dr. Albert Schweitzer’s
exhortation: ‘The only ones among you who will really be happy are those who will have sought and
found how to serve

As a graduate of Southeastern’s MBA program, I am unspeakably grateful for the opportunities
provided by all of the members of the Southeastern family – students, administrators,
faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of the University – working together as a team.
 Here at Southeastern, we are enabled to develop the diverse gifts and talents each
of us have been given so that we can use them effectively to serve others throughout
our lifetime.

What we have so generously been given, we want to give in return.  What better way
to do this than to become part of Lion Legacy?”

– Anna N. Bass, MBA

Department of Management and Business Administration


Non-students who would like to support the outstanding efforts of our student philanthropists,
you have the opportunity to match the gift of someone that you know, or someone that
you don’t know but are proud of their philanthropic efforts.  

All Friends of Lion Legacy will receive your choice of a Lion Legacy t-shirt OR a
Lion Legacy lapel pin.


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