Connor Miller

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology

Connor Miller (’23), an engineering technology graduate with a concentration in computer systems, has always had a passion for math and science. With mentoring from his professors who shared his excitement for the subject and opportunities for networking and hands-on research, he knew that Southeastern was the place to help him achieve his goals.

Combining this with two prestigious student internships, he was able to gain both the guidance and experience to land his dream job straight out of college—becoming a software engineer for Boeing.


action plan

  • Explore academic interests while also getting paid as an undergraduate research assistant.
  • Learn to lead as an officer in engineering technology national honor society Tau Alpha Pi.
  • Help other students excel by volunteering as a tutor.
  • Stand out from the competition as a network technician for a Fortune 500 company and a team lead at NASA through student internships.
  • Land a long-term dream job before even graduating.