Lauren Gehringer

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and Special Education, Mild/Moderate, Grades 1-5

Lauren Gehringer knew she wanted to help children with intellectual disabilities take on the world after seeing first-hand the difference a great teacher made in the lives of two autistic family members. Inspired and grateful for the opportunity to set little ones on a course to believe in themselves and make a positive difference in the world, her dream of being an elementary special education and SPED teacher is now within reach.

When not gaining experience in the classroom through the Southeastern Lab School, Lauren advocates for special needs children and their families as a member of the Council for Exceptional children.


action plan

  • Become a member of the Council for Exceptional Children.
  • Network with education leaders at national conferences.
  • Volunteer with Lions Connected.
  • Win a Resident Student Teach of Year award.
  • Mentor people with disabilities through OPTIONS Inc.