Marjorie Morrison Memorial Members’ Tea


Marjorie Morrison Memorial Members’ Tea 

Each March, since 2012, the Friends of Sims Library holds its Marjorie Morrison Memorial
Members’ Tea. The event is named in honor of the late Marjorie Morrison, arts patron
and activist, who was instrumental in the creation and support of the Friends organization.
Featuring a genial atmosphere of delightful teas, sandwiches, pastries, mimosas, and
door prizes, the event also has interesting and entertaining speakers.

Past speakers have included New Orleans luminaries Poppy Tooker, John Pope, and Susan
Larson, as well as authors Christine Wiltz, Christina Vella, Nigel Hamilton, Bev Marshall,
David Armand, and Seth Pevey. The tea is free to members who have renewed their membership;
for non-members, the price of a reservation includes a one-year membership to Friends
of Sims Library.

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Author Seth Pevey being interviewed at the Annual Membership Tea given by the Friends


Author Bev Marshall discussing her work in 2019 with attendees at the Friends' annual membership tea