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Title:  SciFindern

Access: This database is available to authorized Southeastern users (on- or off-campus).
Login help

A password is required for this database. First-time users will need to register on the CAS SciFinder website.

To access the registration page from off-campus, you will need to enter a User Name and PIN. For your User Name, enter your W Number (example: W0123456). For your PIN, enter your 6-digit birthrate (example: March 15, 2001 would be 031501).

Once on the registration site, you will simply provide the requested information, selecting your own Username and Password. You will receive an e-mail from CAS. You must agree to the conditions of the registration within 48 hours by clicking on a link in the email.

After the registration process is completed, access SciFindern from the Library's Articles and Databases "S" webpage:

You will need to enter a User Name and PIN. For your User Name, enter your W Number (W0123456). For your PIN, enter your 6-digit birthdate

Once at the SciFindern Sign In page, use the SciFindern Username and Password that you selected.

Producer: American Chemical Society and Chemical Abstracts Service

Category: Biological Sciences; Chemistry and Physics; Industrial and Engineering Technology

Coverage: Includes Chemical Abstracts (1907-present) and Medline (1950-present).

Update: Varies; daily and weekly

Content: SciFinder Scholarn retrieves journal citations, patent literature, technical reports, dissertations, chemical substances, reactions and more contained in databases produced by Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) as well as the MEDLINE database from the National Library of Medicine. CAS databases include CAPlus,SM CAS REGISTRY,SM CASREACT,SM CHEMCATS®, and CHEMLIST®. 

SciFinder Substructure Module (SSM) is available.

Notes: Please see the SciFinder Registration Information Guide for more information.

Help: For on-demand support materials, refer to CAS SciFinderTraining or In-product Help

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